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Temporärt offers various services in interior design and concepts. We can take care of the whole project from start to finish or be brought in at any stage. We offer interior decoration, creative direction, and set design. 

> Interior Decoration


Tailored layout with vintage interior design combined with newly manufactured and sustainable interior solutions. For this service we offer rental or full purchase of the pieces in the designed space. This service can include personalized vintage sourcing - where we will source a new set of vintage pieces specifically for your space. 

> Set Design

We offer set design solutions for photography and video productions. With the help of a large range of our own furnishings and our warehouse archive we will style a space tailored to fit each project. Our team will be present to maintain and adjust the set throughout the process as needed.

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Our Work

With over 10 years of experience, Temporärt offers a full-service design concept. Our team will visualize how we want your space to feel. A collection of internationally sourced vintage pieces will be curated to fit this vision.

We will bring the concept to execution by styling the space as a whole. The furniture, colors, decor, and ambiance will be built upon each other - creating your vision as a usable space.

> Creative Direction

To give you a hands-off experience we provide full-service production. We will lead the project and arrange photography, venue, stylists, and set design. The intention of this service is to connect you with and take care of all of the components you will need to execute your final vision.

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